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Equinox Gold Stock: Current Price and Significant Wrong Price (NYSEAMERICAN:EQX)


Antonio Solano

The following segment is taken from this fund letter.

Golden Equinox (NYSE: EQX)

As a first-order effect, gold has performed poorly in an environment of rising real rates and a strong dollar (although it is at all-time highs in other currencies). gold the adjustment of prices to real rates seems contemporary.

Historically, for every 1% increase in real 10-year rates, there is a reasonably foreseeable 10% decline in the price of USD-denominated gold, all other things being equal. If this historical relationship holds, the current rise in real rates implies a 26% decline in gold prices, matching the 22% fall from the March highs of this year. However, there is a growing gap between the sell and sentiment of the precious metal versus the value of a call option on a total loss of confidence in central banks.

Equinox Gold has been the most painful position in our portfolio, down about 50% since March. The fall in share price implies that this fast-growing gold producer has fared far worse than it has. According to our models, the current stock price indicates a long-term gold price of approximately $1,050 at a 10% discount rate. This appears as a significant pricing error.

Political risk has undoubtedly been an issue, with operations at the Los Filos mine interrupted on several occasions and permit issues at the RDM mine in Brazil. EQX is a development story and is in the high growth phase of its business lifecycle, with more construction underway at any given time than most mining companies will experience in their entire lifetime. of life.

We believe Equinox will be a strong midstream producer by the middle of this decade, doubling the size of its business over the next three years. We are comfortable holding this position through a price cycle and the ensuing volatility as the business matures.

We will be going down to Brazil to visit several Equinox mines in October, so expect a full review of the firm in Q4.

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