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Bucks County planners to investigate business owners as many face hiring issues


Businesses of all kinds and sizes need workers in Bucks County. – there is no doubt about it. But county officials want to know why and what resources and services can help fill jobs and boost the economy.

A survey now available will help provide answers, officials said. It will also help shape the future of the county, as it is part of a larger project.

Officials urge business owners to complete a survey that the Bucks County Planning Commission prepared for its Complete plan “Bucks 2040: Building our future, together”.

Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Vail Garvin said the employee shortage was wreaking havoc. “Every lunch, breakfast and dinner I have with Bucks County CEOs – everyone struggles to hire employees to perform at peak performance – bar none,” she said.

But, Garvin is uncertain whether the worker shortages are the result of the pandemic or if other factors are also involved. There are many theories out there, but she believes the county’s investigation can provide answers and hopefully lead to solutions.

the Survey Monkey Questionnaire is available on the county website, Facebook page and other social media sites as well as through local chambers of commerce. The survey and the comprehensive comprehensive plan are designed to help county planners establish long-term strategies for the county’s future economic development while preserving its historical and agricultural heritage.

“The more the merrier,” said Richard Brahler, the county’s director of transportation planning, when asked how many companies the county hopes to respond to the survey. There is no immediate deadline for companies to respond, but he hopes they will do so as soon as possible.

“We need to know what the business issues and challenges are,” Brahler said.

The Bucks County Planning Commission is conducting surveys with businesses and residents on their wishes for the future development of Bucks County as it prepares its next comprehensive plan.

The employee shortage is a major issue right now, said Kevin Putman, president and CEO of Penn Color, a global company based in Doylestown and Hatfield Township.

Earlier this year, the company, which manufactures color additives for plastics and other materials used in the manufacture of packaging, home coverings, wall coverings and other colored products, wanted to hire 50 new employees. premises, mainly for its operations department.

“Today’s environment has made it incredibly difficult to fulfill these roles,” he said.

He said in the first half of the year he was only able to fill about 65% of the machine operator positions. He said the pandemic and ongoing unemployment benefits have kept workers at home.

“In the regions (of the country) where the recovery has been the most generous, we have struggled the most,” he said. “I talk to a lot of executives and (business) owners. They all see the same thing.”

Questions about workers returning to their jobs following a pandemic business downturn are among those being investigated.

The survey also asks a variety of general questions about the number of employees and the importance of services such as public transport and roads for a company, as well as the general situation of the company since the start of the company. COVID pandemic.

It also asks more specific questions about the importance of schools and tourism in attracting employees and whether the company expects more employees to want to continue working from home, if they have done so for the pandemic.

The planning commission notes that the update of the plan is intended “to provide new guidance to the boroughs and townships of the county on the best ways to use and develop land, improve infrastructure and stimulate economic opportunities. “.

Among its main objectives, as announced on the new county website, are at :

  • Make good land use decisions for better development results
  • Making Homeownership More Accessible to Bucks County Families
  • Improve roads and give residents more options to get to where they need to go
  • Keep our air clean and help fight climate change
  • Offer residents more economic and educational opportunities
  • Ensuring the safety and health of communities
  • Preserve the county’s natural, historical, cultural and agricultural heritage

The Global Plan was last updated in 2011. The new Global Plan is expected to be completed by September 2022, but survey responses could be used sooner to help guide resources and services.

The business survey will be used in conjunction with questionnaires randomly sent to households across the county as well as various meetings that planners will hold in communities to obtain direct feedback from residents as they prepare the new comprehensive plan.

“I think this is very important and the county organized the survey with a very critical eye on each question and the way it was asked,” Garvin said. “I hope the business community responds. The Central Bucks Chamber put (the survey) on the website when we received it.”

The planning commission is also sponsoring a photo competition as part of the project and wants amateur photographers to take pictures of their favorite locations in the county. The deadline for submission is November 1st. The winning photos will be featured throughout the plan report.

The planners also ask any county resident who would like to share their suggestions or ideas, or who would like to receive updates on the development of the plan to contact the planning committee at [email protected]

In a separate survey, the planning committee is asking residents to express their opinion on which of the 11 options would be the best route to travel a trail from Newtown to Delaware and the Lehigh Canal Trail which runs from Bristol to Easton along the Delaware River. Comments can be provided until July 23. For more information visit www.tinyurl.com/N2DStoryMap.


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