Loans and Credits Online with CréditoNuevo

Image result for loans and creditsMany clients are forced to apply for a loan in order to cope with a lack of timely liquidity that they could not have predicted. In these cases, the factor that usually prevails is the time to obtain the money that is needed and seldom ends up doing a good study compared to the cost of the loan.

In many occasions that need does not usually exceed € 300, which is why most companies have this figure as a cap, however, if you need more money the client will have to be a regular of the mini-loans to get the amount you need.

How then to cover a hole of more than € 300 if you have never applied for a loan? Well, in that case, your only solution will be to use payday loans.

The company offers a ceiling of € 600 to any customer without distinction, whether regular and trusted as a newcomer to the world of loans. No need to have to provide extra documentation or engage in a negotiation with the company, as is often the case.

Another of the variables that stand out of CréditoNuevo is the term of return, exactly 21 days will be the ones that the client will have to collect the amount of the debt. An intermediate-term between the options that we find in this market.


What are the requirements to apply for a loan?

The company proposes its loans for an applicant profile between 21 and 70 years old, who is resident in Spain and who has no debts, information that will be obtained when reviewing the delinquency lists once the web application registration is completed.

The client will have to show that he has a fixed salary or pension so that people who are unemployed would be out of business, although they may have a non-constant source of income.

CréditoNuevo launches its products only for nationalized Spaniards, so in the application, you will be asked for your ID, account number and justification of income.

Once the data has been collected and after a small credit feasibility study, for which you can make the necessary telephone checks, CréditoNuevo will contact you by email to let you know if your request has been accepted or rejected. In case the client accepts the conditions, he will only have to give a link in the email to receive the requested credit in his bank account.

At the same time, the loan period of 21 days begins, in which the applicant will have to refrain from requesting a new loan, since, until his refund, CréditoNuevo will not examine new cash requests.


How much will my credit cost me at CréditoNuevo?

The interest rate is fixed and does not vary depending on the amount requested or the time it takes to return it. The fees are marked for a settlement in 21 days and would be charged in case of liquidation in advance.

In this table extracted directly from the CreditNuevo website, the cost for the different amounts offered is indicated.


Receive the loan and liquidate it

Image result for liquidate

Once an affirmative resolution of our credit arrives and we accept the conditions, from CréditoNuevo they make us cash the money in an account with the greater promptness.

If approved within office hours, the same day we would have the transaction made to the account number that we have previously provided.

The next step will be to settle the debt and return the money, if you have the amount before the deadline is advised to cancel it as soon as possible, it is true, as we mentioned before that the interest is not variable at the time and that This is not going to make us cheaper, but we make sure to close that credit cycle.

If unfortunately, we see ourselves in the opposite situation, that is to say, the deadline arrives and we have not managed to collect the money, we must take into account that CréditoNuevo does not offer the possibility of establishing extensions, for which reason penalties for non-payment would have to be paid. Therefore, if you wish to request a loan with the company and you are not 100% sure that you can return it, it is better to abstain.

The delay penalty will start from the first day of non-payment and will increase with surcharges. If it lasts more than 36 days, the company is obliged to provide its registration data to a list of defaulters, which will probably lead to future problems, both when applying for new loans and when registering for certain services.



CréditoNuevo is an excellent option for the client that due to fortuitous circumstances is seen in the situation of having to deal immediately with an expense greater than the standardized € 300, and even not being a regular user of these services resorted to a matter of cause higher. Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage is being able to request up to 600 € at once, easily and without explanations.

On the contrary, for clients that are in a negative credit spiral, CréditoNuevo is not the best option, since it looks for solvent users who will not fall into a trap of delinquency.

If your situation is like the first described, you will find in CréditoNuevo a quick and efficient answer, you only have to request a first credit by following the steps indicated in your web portal.