Investment and savings dedicated to families – basic course

Investing your savings is never easy. There are many investment opportunities, but not all of them can do just that. Here you will find not only interesting ideas for your investments and for managed savings but also to attend the first (basic course) of a series of courses dedicated to investment and savings online.

In this investment and savings guide you will learn how to best manage your money through a model suited to you and your needs. Through the present investment guide you will find the best offers of the moment, integrated with the best solutions and the best advice on stocks, securities, and the best insights into savings and investments in times of crisis, including an in-depth analysis of online trading which today presents itself as one of the best methods to invest and earn money from home .

Difference between savings and investment

Difference between savings and investment

It is also important to underline a very important element that many people unfortunately still do not understand and regards the difference between savings and investment. It will very often also happen to you to confuse the terms “savings and investment” by using them improperly as synonyms, or even using savers and investors to indicate a similar situation.

Let’s be clear: savings can be defined as the share of income received that you choose not to consume immediately to meet extraordinary future expenses. Part or portion of the savings can then be used for the investment. So the only link between savings and investment concerns the savings that you decide to invest and we cannot understand them as synonyms.

On the other hand the investment can be understood


In a strictly economic sense (such as the purchase of an asset to support the company or the family’s approval); both in financial terms (such as the purchase of a share, or an obligation or a mutual fund with the aim of seeing its capital grow).

Investing to get something is not synonymous with achieving the goal which is not at all obvious without considering that sometimes the result can even be negative, compromising the capital invested.

But then is it better to save or invest? Points of view.

But then is it better to save or invest? Points of view.

Not all savers are investors and not all investors are savers. There are individuals who are more involved in risk investing without saving, such as traders who invest in online trading with Forex trading, which allow to obtain potentially greater gains (but also higher losses) than simple investments made in securities of state and postal savings bonds, etc.

There are also subjects who do not want to invest in the world for any reason, but are prostheses for constant and lasting savings. In this case, these subjects favorably deposit their savings with a bank or post office and leave them parked there to avoid risks.

In which of these two categories do you fall?

However, there is also another very important fundamental point for saving and investing: risk appetite. The more you risk the higher the return in case of positive performance, but the higher the loss if the performance is negative. Many prefer investment, since money tends to lose purchasing power over time due to inflation; consequently, keeping money in savings may not be the best solution. For this reason we also advise you to go deeper into the topic, to know which are the best actions to buy today; if instead you are more inclined for online trading, we advise you to give a quick reading to the following post to know how to invest 1000 euros or 10,000 euros: our advice.

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